Thursday, November 1, 2012

How to Start/Stop Oracle 10g/11g Clusterware

Typically the Oracle cluster-ware starts up automatically during startup. However, this can be controlled using the following commands.

10gR1 stop

The above command is used to stop the cluster ready services. eg. used while applying patches or any other plan outages. start

used in Oracle onward. In prior versions ( and, node needs to be reboot if CRS needs to be started with the exception of patch set application process that already have clusterware starting script. disable

This command disables Clusterware from being started in a subsequent reboot. enable

Enables Clusterware to be started in a subsequent reboot.

10gR2 and High Version (11gR1, 11gR2)

below are the self explanatory commands to start/stop cluster services in 10g R2 or higher

crsctl start crs

crsctl stop crs

The individual components of the clusterware like init.cssd init.evmd init.crsd should not be used manually.

For version 10g R1 to lower that 10gR2, the location of the init scripts is dependent on the OS.

For Solaris, the scripts are in /etc/init.d/
For HP, the scripts are in /sbin/init.d
For AIX, the scripts are in /etc
For Linux, the scripts are in /etc/init.d

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