Monday, October 15, 2012

Oracle 11g : Creating Flash Recovery Area -FRA

Once you know what location (mount point) you want your FRA to be created and how much space you want to give to it, follow the following steps

1. Disable the following Oracle parameter if already set

alter system set log_archive_duplex_dest = '';
alter system set log_archive_dest = '';

2. Log on as a user with the sysdba role and issue the following commands to size and create the flash recovery area:

alter system set db_recovery_size = 4G;
alter system set db_recovery_dest = '/u01/app/oracle/flasharea';

That’s it; the flash recovery area is ready for operation.

Note: The sequence of these commands are supposed to be in the above mentioned order

For further information on FRA, follow the link below

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