Friday, December 9, 2011

Information retention in ADR

Retention policy in ADR is managed by
  1. SHORTP_POLICY : defaults to 30 days (720 hours)
  2. LONGP_POLICY: defaults to 1 year (8760 hours)
Based on the policy defined as above, the trace information will get purged accordingly. Below is how you can view the your policy and later I'll discuss how to change it if required.

[oracle@lab ~]$ adrci

ADRCI: Release - Production on Fri Dec 9 15:33:20 2011

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ADR base = "/u01/app/oracle"

adrci> show home

ADR Homes:

adrci> set home diag/rdbms/wh2/wh2lab

adrci> show control

ADR Home = /u01/app/oracle/diag/rdbms/wh2/wh2lab:
ADRID                SHORTP_POLICY        LONGP_POLICY         LAST_MOD_TIME            
292696986            720                                             8760                 2011-04-27 09:19:45.901802 -04:00                                                                                          

To set the different retention policy value : 

adrci> set control (SHORTP_POLICY = 4800)

Where are the trace files and alert log Compared to 10g?

Diagnostic DataPrevious  LocationADR Location
Foreground Process Tracesuser_dump_destADR HOME/trace
Background Process Tracesbackground_dump_destADR HOME/trace
Alert Log Filebackground_dump_destADR HOME/alert/log.xml
ADR HOME/trace/alert_<SID>.log
SQL*Net Listener Log Filelog_directory_listener ADR HOME/alert /log.xml 
Core Dump Filescore_dump_destADR HOME/cdump
Incident Dump Files<user/background>_dump_destADR HOME/incident/incdir_n

For further information [ID 564269.1] can be looked at

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