Friday, November 25, 2011

Verifying Oracle Cluster prerequisites (CLUVFY utility)

With the CLUVFY utility, we can verify and validate all pre- and post-requisite checks at different levels such as hardware, software, and installation.

Navigate through the Clusterware/grid software (source) location and execute ./ to initiate the pre- and post-installation verification as below

./ comp nodereach –n nodename1,nodename2 –verbose

Alternatively, in 11g R2, the following command could also be used to initiate checks such as node accessibility, user equivalence, network interface, and shared storage:

./ stage -post hwos -n nodename1,nodename2 –verbose

The following command performs the significant pre-cluster installation validations on the nodes in the context:

./ stage -pre crsinst -n nodename1,nodename2 –verbose

In Oracle 11g R2, when the –fixup flag is used with the CLUVFY utility, it creates the fixup shell script in the directory mentioned with the fixupdir flag, for those requirements that have failed to meet the prerequisites criteria on the servers.

You can, as the root user, execute those scripts over the servers to fix the problems reported during the checks validation. The following code helps you to perform the pre-cluster installation verifications with the –fixup flag:

./ stage -pre crsinst -n nodename1,nodename2 –fixup –fixupdir /tmp/

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