Tuesday, November 22, 2011

RMAN 6 Recovery Steps in Theory

If Control File is configured as autobackup, RMAN can recover a database even if  the current control file, the recovery catalog, and the server parameter file are inaccessible. The following are the steps RMAN takes in recovering the database:

1.  Server Parameter file is restored from automatically backed up location.

2.  RMAN will start the instance with the help of the server parameter file it restored in  step 1.

3.  Control file is restored from the same autobackup as SPfile.

4.  Once the control file is mounted, RMAN uses the repository info available in the control file to restore
     the data files and then recover the database.

5.  At this point, recovery catalog can be re-created and registered with the target databases

6.  Finally, RMAN will copy all the RMAN repository records from the target database control files to the new          recovery catalog.

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