Friday, November 18, 2011

Creating ASM instance (DBCA)

ASM instance can be created in two ways

  1. Oracle database configuration assistant (DBCA)
  2. Manually

We will cover the ASM creation using DBCA, manually creation will be discussed in next post

Creating ASM using DBCA:

Following are the steps to create ASM instance using DBCA

  1. Launch Oracle DBCA
  2. from several option visiable on the screen, choose 'Configure Automatic Storage Management' and hit Next.
  3. Add SYS password to be created for new ASM instance
  4. Oracle creates and ASM instance and a new window pops up for creating disk groups. You can choose disk group creation or finish to complete the ASM installation
  5. The name of the new instance will be +ASM. It can be verified by logging into the ASM instance from SQL PLUS and running the below mentioned SQL
SQL> select instance_name from v$instance;


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