Friday, November 18, 2011

Brief Concept of Oracle ASM

So what is ASM ?

Automatic Storage Management is the extension of Oracle managed files which is designed to simplify Oracle database storage administration.ASM is controlled by ASM instance which is a separate instance from conventional database instance. The ASM instance is always in the mount state.
ASM can be considered as LVM that allows to reduce the oracle files management in ASM disk groups.So it provides three main benifits

1. Redundancy configuration
2. Rebalancing operations
3. Ability to shared database related files in Cluster configuration (installed on top of Clusterware)

What are Disk Groups ?

ASM store files in Disk Groups which are logical and consists of one or more physical disk drives.

Automatic Rebalancing:

Is when you add a new disk or remove disks from a disk group, ASM automatically redistributes evenly across all disks of a disk group while the database is online

What type of files can be stored on ASM ?

The following type of files can be stored on ASM
  1. Datafiles
  2. Online redo log files
  3. Archived redo logs
  4. backup files
  5. dump files from data pump
  6. control files

ASM is perfect for RAC environment but can also be used in non-RAC environments too.

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