Thursday, September 29, 2011

Identifying Network-Intensive Processes

If you want to determine if there are any network bottlenecks in your system than use the netstat (network statistics) to display the network traffic.

$ netstat -ptc

Proto Recv-Q        Send-Q  Local Address                Foreign Address                     State                         PID/Program name 
tcp        0                0              lab.ho.ka:ncube-lm         sy05d.ho.bilal:ssslic-mgr       ESTABLISHED        32085/oracledb
tcp        0                1184        lab.ho.bilal:ssh                sy05d.ho.bilal:webmachine   ESTABLISHED -
tcp        0                0              lab.ho.bilal:ssh               ESTABLISHED -
tcp        0                0              lab.ho.bilal:ssh             ESTABLISHED -

where 'p' display the process ID and 'tc' is for TCP connections

If the Send-Q column has an unusually high value for a process, then this could indicate an overloaded network. If  suspect that  operating system process ID (PID) from the above output is related to oracle session then you can map it to oracle session and pull out the SQL as described in the following post

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