Friday, June 24, 2011

I/O Activity Datafiles

SELECT AS ts, fs.phyrds "Reads", fs.phywrts "Writes"
      ,fs.phyblkrd AS br, fs.phyblkwrt AS bw
      ,fs.readtim "RTime", fs.writetim "WTime"
FROM v$tablespace ts, v$datafile df, v$filestat fs
WHERE ts.ts# = df.ts# AND df.file# = fs.file#
SELECT AS ts, ts.phyrds "Reads", ts.phywrts "Writes"
      ,ts.phyblkrd AS br, ts.phyblkwrt AS bw
      ,ts.readtim "RTime", ts.writetim "WTime"
FROM v$tablespace ts, v$tempfile tf, v$tempstat ts
WHERE ts.ts# = tf.ts# AND tf.file# = ts.file# ORDER BY 1;

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